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Karen Craig Toth is a passionate learner, author, and growth trainer.

Karen's journey of health and wellness started in October 1986 after the birth of her 2nd son.  By joining the aerobic group class at the YMCA her passion for fitness lead her to become a group fitness leader and a weight trainer.  Her love of exercise and movement continued to evolve into new directions.  

In 1998 at a weekend training Karen was introduced to Pilates.  In January 1999 Karen began her journey into Pilate’s and would continue teaching it for the next 14 years. 

Her learning continued with various workshops.  The first class she was not able to describe, but noticed something was very different.  The 2nd class the instructor had everyone get up and walk around after half of a lesson.  What she noticed was so amazing.  She could see a profound difference from one side of the body to the other, including the face.  One side of body was small, old looking and not a body to be lived in.  The other side was vibrant, alive and youthful. 

The name of this method was the Feldenkrais Method®.   She started adding Awareness Through Movement® lessons to her Pilates classes.
Moshe Feldenkrais, an engineer and a physicist, had a passion for soccer and was the first Caucasian black belt Judo expert in France.  He even wrote a book about Judo in the 1940’s.    During the World War II, Moshe fell and injured his knee.  The injury was so bad surgery was suggested. In the 1940’s chance of walking after this surgery was 50% yes and 50% no.   He returned to school studying pediatric movements. 
With this new knowledge and his Judo, Moshe continued to develop movement lessons that enabled him to walk until his death without surgery.    He created over 1000 different movement lessons.

Feldenkrais did both group classes and hands on One-on-One sessions.   It was a way that through movement and brain plasticity he created new neuro connections that changed the lives of many people and trained many students.

Karen’s linage included Mia Segal, Ruthy Alon, Yvon Joly, and Anat Baniel.  Baniel was her main trainer and she is very grateful for her teaching. She looks forward to empowering you with the many skills she has acquired.

Books by Karen Craig Toth

Pre and Post Natal Pilates, 
Pilates Fundamental E-book, 
Happy Hips E-book

CDs and DVD’s by Karen Craig Toth

Pilates Fundamentals
Meditation in 3 Movement Lessons

Karen continues to learn new skills to empower her students to take the next step.  When working with a student, Karen starts where they are in their mind, body and spirit, facilitates exploration of themselves to think, move and grow.

Proven Results:
Improved mood
Better sleep
Improved breathing
Greater mobility in everyday activities
Increased vitality
Mental clarity
Living in a life of possibility
Increased comfort and wellness
Group classes will give you more insite of who you are and how you move.
You will leave feeling taller, more grounded and moving much better than when you arrived.

One on one sessions are designed for you, your body and your brain.

Working with a child that has had every kind of stroke possible.
She has an amazing learning brain.
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Healthy Back

Healthy Neck and Shoulder

Happy Hips

Your Perfect Posture

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